Alejandro (AJ’s) Journey…

Image of our now deceased llama in front of our multipurpose barn.

It is with overwhelming sorrow that Shepherd’s Corner announces the death of our awesome llama, Alejandro Amigo Llama. His condition worsened over the last few days. He was unable to stand and walk around. A llama specialist from Mount Vernon examined him. There was nothing more that could be done for AJ.

AJ is buried near the Barn next to our other llama, Fernando. To celebrate his life spring bulbs will be planted on his grave for a burst of color next year. Thank you all for your care and love for AJ. He will be missed greatly by his sheep and his humans.

We are grateful to McFarland’s Llama Farm for sharing AJ with us. We look forward to working with them to find a new llama to continue his sheep duties.

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