Finger Labyrinths for Meditation

Labyrinths are meditation tools that have been used for centuries by many societies and cultures. There are different types, but they have things in common. Unlike a maze there is only one way into the center (and one one way out). The path of the labyrinth often symbolizes a journey. Some are large enough to physically walk but some are not. Even a finger labyrinth can help us find calm and become more relaxed.

Image of a labyrinth. A winding path used for meditation as there is one way into the center and one way out.

We encourage you to use this labyrinth as a way to find calm in this tumultuous time. Print, download, or take a screen shot of the image and follow it with your finger.

1. Start by taking deep breaths, to help bring focus and to relax. Find a poem, mediation, or scripture verse that you would like to focus on for your ‘walk’.
2. Choose either your dominant pointer finger (or non dominant if you want to use even more focus). You can also use a pen, pencil, or other implement to ‘walk’ the labyrinth.
3. Slowly and intentionally trace the path. Just as you might walk a labyrinth, you can take the tracing at your own speed.
4. Once you reach the center, take time to relax. Focus on your breathing.
5. Retrace your way out of the labyrinth. Again, at your own pace.
6. Breath, relax and consider how you are feeling when you have retraced your way out of the labyrinth.

Additional free printable labyrinths and more information:

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3 responses to “Finger Labyrinths for Meditation

  1. Thanks for making this available. When I was serving an Episcopal Church in Massachusetts I used a similar finger labyrinth with the psych patients in the local hospital. They found a lot of comfort in it. And since it was paper the staff let them take it back to their locked cells afterward. I never saw a few sheets of paper do so much.

  2. Thank you for this labyrinth. I’m teaching English to Afghan refugees in Albania, waiting to go to the US and Canada. They got to choose their summer topics and one was “How to maintain focus and find peace. I’m excited to give them each a copy of this, with your instructions! Thanks for your service!

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