Cancelled: Lines and Shapes in Felt: Felting Class

Lines and Shapes in Felt: Felting Class
This program has been cancelled. We will host a class led by Gail in the spring of 2022.


Saturday, October 2nd             1:30 – 3:30 pm
$20 program fee           *7 participant maximum*


Felted square of bright yellow wool with cross hatched felted wool lines in various colors across the square.Felted square of deep and light blue wool decorated burnt orange circles of wool. Red background felt square with squares of various sizes of light orange and blue wool.







Learn how to make a flat piece of felt (6″x6″) out of wool and soapy water that is surface designed with lines and shapes. Yarn and thin strips of wool and other fibers will be used to decorate the felt with lines. Pre-felted wool and other fabrics will be used to decorate the felt with cut shapes that have clearly defined outlines. The finished project can be displayed as a wall hanging or used as a small trivet.

Facilitated by: Gail Maraman

Gail became interested in wool and felt making when she began caring for a small flock of sheep at Windy Crest Farm in Granville, Ohio. Using the wool from her own sheep, she learned how to design and create many different types of felt: traditional, watercolor, needle, and Nuno. Today, her finished felt pieces include wearable art accessories and items for home décor.


*Visitors when inside our barn or in close proximity to others please wear your mask. Masks are most essential in times when physical distancing is difficult, including indoors or in crowded areas. We ask that you join us in this healthy practice when participating in our programs. Events & programs may be impacted by the pandemic.*

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