Distributing cover crop seeds

The wetland pools have now filled with water. Our next steps include seeding. With the help of students from St. Charles we were able to get started.

Looking at the deeper/larger wetland pool area. The pool is filled, and the water is frozen at the surface. The sky is blue with wispy white clouds and in the background, you can see the roofs of the houses in the development that border Shepherd's Corner.

Image is of the smaller in progress wetland area pools. The pool is filled with water, there is a frozen layer on top of the water. Against the blue-sky horizon, you can see the rooves of the bordering housing development.




















Here are some images of student volunteers from St. Charles spreading rye and oat seeds as a cover crop surrounding the wetland pools. The cover crop will help hold the soil in place.

One volunteer walks along the upturned ground spreading seeds with a hand spreader. The seeds are covering the ground between the woods and the larger pool of the new wetland area. In foreground two students distribute seeds on the small hill between the wetland pools. In the background, on the other side of the pool, there are two other students doing the same. Student volunteers distribute seeds as they walk along the shore of the larger wetland area.















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Excavating the new wetland

Shepherd’s Corner is creating two emergent marsh wetlands on site. These wetland pools will have shallow edges that gradually deepen to an approximate depth of 3 feet in the north pool and 5 feet in the south. The images below are from December 2022, when the excavation of our new wetland & prairie area began. We have added text to give a little more information regarding the steps taken during the shaping and excavation process.









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Conceptual Plan for Shepherd’s Corner’s New Wetland Area


Top: map of shepherd's corner fields, woods, and barn. Close to the meditation trail, in the field there are two small ponds that are an example of what our wetland area will look like when it is finished.
Conceptual representation of the wetland & prairie area that we are in the process of creating at Shepherd’s Corner Ecology Center.


The design will consider trail connectivity, safety, views and accessibility for public enjoyment and educational programming, drainage entering and exiting the wetland, and habitat quality. The planting plan will emphasize appropriate native wetland plants and upland buffer plants (specifically a prairie/grassland habitat with some tree planting – if additional funds are available – to create a visual separation between the wetland trail system and the adjacent hayfield and lake/lake house area). For the base project (wetland and prairie buffer), we have estimated costs for 10 container shrubs (swamp rose and buttonbush), ~950 plugs of emergent marsh and prairie plants, and seed mixes for upland meadow/prairie, sedge meadow, and pond edge applications. The specific plant palette will be adjusted during the plan development with input from Shepherd’s Corner staff.

-Project summarization, at the start of our wetland planning & development, from Mark Dilley (Chief Scientist at MAD Scientist Associates)
More on MAD Scientist Associates LLC and their work creating and revitalizing wetlands can be found here.


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We’re creating a wetland at Shepherd’s Corner!


Dear Shepherd’s Corner Supporter,

I’d like to ask you to partner with us to support a new conservation effort at Shepherd’s Corner Ecology Center in Blacklick, OH. We are working to restore nearly three acres of agricultural land to a natural wetlands and prairie space. Please consider a contribution to help us to finish the wetland with plants to prevent erosion, attract wildlife, and provide new ways for visitors to learn about this fascinating ecosystem.

Thanks to a very generous anonymous gift and the amazing work of Mark Dilley, MAD Scientist Associates, LLC, Columbus, OH, we have been able to complete the wetland footprint. The ground has been dug by the construction crew, and God has blessed us with rain and snow to help fill the wetland. The space is already being visited by local wildlife – ducks and geese are stopping by to check everything out. What we need next is natural, native cover – seeds and rooted plants to help preserve the stability of the land and provide habitat for animals and waterfowl.

Before Ohio was settled, wetlands covered nearly one-fifth of the state. As population grew and our agricultural industry expanded, more than 90% of our precious wetland turned into farmland and housing developments. Today, more than 50% of species are listed as threatened or endangered in Ohio. Many need wetlands to live and thrive. As important, wetlands help filter and purify the water we drink.

The good news is that wetlands are a renewable resource. It is a blessing that we can use modern construction equipment to transform three acres of pasture and agricultural land into a large, wetlands space to enrich biodiversity and natural water filtration.

I hope you can join us in renewing the earth with a contribution to help us complete this new wetland area. You may send your donation to Shepherd’s Corner Ecology Center or donate here.

Thank you for considering my request.  If you would like more information or to further discuss this opportunity, please call me at 614-866-4302.

Many blessings,
Sister Rose Ann Van Buren, OP
Shepherd’s Corner Ecology Center

An ecological ministry of the Dominican Sisters of Peace

987 N. Waggoner Road, Blacklick, Ohio 43004
Phone (614) 866-4302  FAX (614) 866-4331




Drone shot of the process of the wetlands on the initial digging.Overhead shot taken from a drone of the two pools of the new wetland that we are in the process of creating the wetland. Ponds are beginning to fill with water. In the bacground of the picture you can see our barn and the developments that surround Shepherd's Corner.





















Support our wetland!





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On Demand Group Programs

In addition to our scheduled programs, Shepherd’s Corner Ecology Center offers on-demand programming. Each last on average 1 ½ hours and includes a snack of baked goods and a beverage.

The programs below can be adapted to fit the needs of your group. Programs can be held for homeschool groups, scout troops or groups, youth groups, and more. Additional options for youth group field trips can be found here. The pricing for these on site on demand programs begins at $5 per participant with a minimum of five participants. In most cases these programs will be scheduled Monday – Friday during office hours, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. Other times may be considered in consideration with staff scheduling. On demand programs can also be added on to facility rental. If you are interested in scheduling on-demand programming for your group, please contact Miranda Land at scecologycenter@oppeace.org or call our office at (614) 866-4302.


Program Options

Meet the Animals
Come and meet our llama and flock of sheep. Learn a little about how our animals contribute of the circle of life.


Clean Greener
Come learn how you can lessen your impact when you clean. We will cover some familiar green cleaning tips as well as some new ones.


Activity/Senses Hike
Taste, touch, look and listen to what Shepherd’s Corner has to offer.  Join us for a walk that will exercise your senses.


Night Walk
Take a guided meditation walk across a field and through the woods of Shepherd’s Corner. Our pace will be slow, as we observe nature, with stops for reflection along the way.


Guided Meditation Trail Walk
Walk the 13 reflective stations on the trail with one of our staff as a guide. This trail offers something for the mind, body, and spirit.


Labyrinth Walk
Experience the power of a facilitated labyrinth walk: the ancient practice that can calm the soul and transform the spirit.


Earth Art
Take time to wonder & wander in the beauty of nature. Using found natural materials to create a design.

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