Distributing cover crop seeds

The wetland pools have now filled with water. Our next steps include seeding. With the help of students from St. Charles we were able to get started.

Looking at the deeper/larger wetland pool area. The pool is filled, and the water is frozen at the surface. The sky is blue with wispy white clouds and in the background, you can see the roofs of the houses in the development that border Shepherd's Corner.

Image is of the smaller in progress wetland area pools. The pool is filled with water, there is a frozen layer on top of the water. Against the blue-sky horizon, you can see the rooves of the bordering housing development.




















Here are some images of student volunteers from St. Charles spreading rye and oat seeds as a cover crop surrounding the wetland pools. The cover crop will help hold the soil in place.

One volunteer walks along the upturned ground spreading seeds with a hand spreader. The seeds are covering the ground between the woods and the larger pool of the new wetland area. In foreground two students distribute seeds on the small hill between the wetland pools. In the background, on the other side of the pool, there are two other students doing the same. Student volunteers distribute seeds as they walk along the shore of the larger wetland area.















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