30th Anniversary Art Auction


Our art auction is live! Shepherd’s Corner 30th Anniversary Art Auction

In celebration of Shepherd’s Corner Ecology Center’s 30th anniversary, we are hosting an online art auction. This auction will begin mid-morning on September 9th. It will conclude at 2:00 pm on September 24th at our 30th-anniversary celebration, which will correspond with our annual Shepherds Fest event. Artists graciously donated works that relate to nature and the harmony it creates.

See FAQs about the auction.

Artists who donated works: Tony Mendoza, John Mascazine, Gracie Morbitzer, Sr. Anne Lythgoe OP, Katie Butler, Kathi Machle, Br. Paul Quenon O.C.S.D, Patti Abel, Anna Austin, Jamie Bourgeois, Gail Maraman, Donna Nesbitt, Kathy Watts, Lynne Prillerman, Ken Frick, Chris Lutmerding, Brian Johnston, Merele Wilder, and Janet George.


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