Our Barn

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Our Barn

Built in 1903, the barn was originally used to house cattle and horses as well as store hay and farm machinery. No longer needed for this purpose, the barn was donated to Shepherd’s Corner in 2005. It was then taken apart piece by piece, each piece numbered and brought to its present location on Waggoner Road.

A concrete foundation and numerous windows were added to the building, which is positioned to collect passive solar heat.  To the barn a clerestory was added to its roof, bringing natural lighting to the inside space. Solar panels were added in August 2014 to provide electricity to the building.

The rebuilt barn includes office space, library, program/assembly space, art room, a kitchen and work sheds. The barn is host to many groups.

We have received the following awards for the building:

  • 2007 Ohio Barn of the Year Award for Adaptive Use—given by Friends of Ohio Barns
  • 2007 Designing Toward Sustainability Award Completed Project—given by the Columbus Chapter of the American Institute of Architects and awarded to Shepherd’s Corner and Design Group Architectural Firm.

This old barn has a new life and provides much needed space for furthering our mission of reconnecting people to the Earth that sustains us and gives us life.

Shepherd's Corner

Our Vision:

Shepherd’s Ecology Center is positioning itself to be an Earth-centered leader in the Central Ohio community: teaching environmental education, offering reflective experiences on care of creation, and renewing the land while providing healthy, naturally grown produce.

Our Mission:

Shepherd’s Corner Ecology Center invites others to join with us in experiencing the joys and responsibilities of caring for land, life, and spirit. Inspiring others to become shepherds of creation in their own corners of the world.