Plant Sale FAQs

Questions about the plant sale?  The answers might be below!


Why an online sale?

For everyone’s safety we have decided that the plant sale is virtual. In light of COVID-19 we know that the need for fresh produce will be even greater. Our plant sale not only helps you grow your own produce but it also helps fund our growing to donate!


Wait? So there’s no browsing at this year’s sale? That was my favorite part!

We hear you, we also love having all of you browse our beautiful plants! Due to the pandemic we don’t feel that it’s safe. There’s no need to worry though, we are only picking the best looking plants for our sale.


How much are plants?

Just like in previous years, our plants are $3. Plants are sold in individual pots. Except for romaine lettuce which is sold in a 4 cell pack.


How do I order plants?
  • Step one: Visit & submit this order form: 
  • Step two: An email will be sent to you (within a business day)
    • With a copy of what you ordered & the amount owed
    • A link to payment
    • Information regarding pickup/delivery of your plants
      • A reminder of the time of pickup
      • Your order number to be displayed with picking up


Help! Google forms won’t take my phone number, what gives?!

Don’t fret! Google just wants the numerical values in your phone number. Do not enter any parenthesis or dashes and your number should be accepted.


What forms of payment are being accepted for the sale this year?
We are asking for online card payments through a secure link that we will send to you. If you prefer to pay by check we ask that you remit payment, with your order number, to Shepherd’s Corner by May 6th. We are not accepting cash for this sale and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


When can I pick up my order?

Plants will need to be picked up the day of the plant sale, unless other arrangements have been made. We ask that you pick them up within the time frame window chosen. We will remind you of the pickup time you chose in our follow up email.


How will you know what order I am picking up?

On a piece of paper we ask that you write your order number. When you arrive to pick up the order just display it, through the window, and our staff will get your order for you.


Do I have to get out of my car on May 9th?

We ask that you remain in your car when you come to get your plant order. When you arrive, we’ll see your order number and know what plants to bring. The plants will then be placed in your trunk or in a backseat floorboard, as you choose.


I can’t come on May 9th. What are my other options to get my plants?

Reach out to and we will work with you. There may be the option for porch delivery, previous to May 9th. This will be considered on a case by case basis and depends on availability of staff and order size.


Can someone else pick up my order for me?

Of course, someone can pick them up for you as long as they have your order number! If someone else is picking up your order just email and let us know. This will allow us to group your order number together.


Help! Do you have any tips for the plants I am buying?

Why yes we do! Find some tips and tricks for helping keep your plants healthy & producing on this page. You can also find a recipe for a fungicide here.


I don’t need any plants for my garden but, what can I do to support Shepherd’s Corner and the mission of this sale?

We appreciate you and your desire to help us combat food insecurity in Central Ohio! Here is a link where a donation can be made toward support of our food pantry garden.


Where will the proceeds from this sale go?

Great question! Just like our previous annual plant sales the proceeds from the sale will help fund our food production garden. We aim to donate the majority of what we grow to food pantries in our neighboring communities.


I would love to learn more about your pantry gardens. Where can I find that information?

Here is the link where you can read more about our gardening practices, how you can help, and more:


Where do you donate the produce grown at Shepherd’s Corner Ecology Center?

Over the last eleven years we have been able to donate more than 29,252 pounds of naturally grown produce. We donate to local food pantries directly so our produce reached folks in need. Pantries that we partner with include GRIN (Gahanna Residents in Need), HEART (Helping East-side and Reynoldsburg Neighbors Today), as well as the Bishop Griffin Resource Center.


Don’t see an answer to your question?

Reach out to us at so we can get you an answer!