Produce and Products

Vegetables on display at outdoor farmers market
Vegetables on display at farmers market

Shepherd’s Corner donates 60-65% of the produce harvest to local food pantries and groups feeding those in need.  Over the past nine years, Shepherd’s Corner has donated over 23,920 pounds of naturally grown produce.  We are proud to provide fresh, chemical-free, naturally grown produce to those in need in our greater community.

If you wish to purchase other items (eggs, maple syrup, basil garlic vinegar, bee smooth hand cream, knitted sheep bags, sheep or chicken towels, small wooden cutting boards, bottle stoppers, coasters, baskets, firewood) contact us for a time to stop at the barn.  As a note we are generally open for visitors April- November on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Dates where we are not open are generally listed on our website’s events calendar.

Periodically we may hold farm stands, featuring our produce, here at the ecology center.  When there are farm stands scheduled, a post will be made to our website and Facebook pages.

We produce maple syrup on site.  From tapping the trees, to collecting sap, and boiling down on an evaporator, to bottling. We complete all the steps on property. Here is a video on the production of our maple syrup