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Our gardens try to model a style of agriculture in harmony with the land, one that is sustainable for the environment and sustaining for the humans involved.

  • We donate 60-65% of the harvest to local food pantries and other groups feeding those in need. Over the last 16 years over the Shepherd’s Corner has donated over 46,424 pounds of naturally grown vegetables.
  • Gardens provide chemical-free, naturally grown vegetables as donations to food pantries and for sale at our market when available.
  • Hay fields produce hay and fodder for our animals and provide nesting bird habitat.
  • Volunteers assist with all aspects of the gardens: working in the greenhouse, transplanting, direct seeding, cultivation, and harvesting.


Education and care for the earth is at the core of all we do.

  • We offer seasonal programs: nature and labyrinth walks, fiber arts, discussion groups, retreat days, and gardening workshops. Which can be found on our calendar.
  • We offer educational programs primarily for elementary age students, which focus on farm life, nature, water and wetlands, and spirituality.


Peace, insight, comfort, healing, energy, connection, and letting go are words often used to describe a walk in the labyrinth. Walking this circular path provides a time of quiet and meditation and reminds us of our life journey with its twists and turns. A single half-mile path leads to the center where the same path is followed back out. Additionally, we have a smaller outdoor labyrinth located between our barn and garden.


  • Monthly public walks are scheduled year-round.
  • Groups renting the facilities walk the labyrinth.
  • School and camp groups participate in guided walks, stopping at stations to reflect on the gifts of creation.
  • Contact us if your group would like to schedule a time to walk the labyrinth.

Meditation Trail

Walk the 13 reflective stations on the trail. Each station offers something for the mind, body, and spirit. A sign can be found at each station with theme-centered factual information, reflections, and suggested activities. We are grateful to the Capitol Square Rotary which provided funding, labor, and assistance with the stations and to students from Upper Arlington High School who helped plan each site.

  • Currently we are only open to visitors on Monday from 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. This is subject to change. If you are considering visiting, we ask that you contact us either by calling (614) 866-4302 or by emailing and letting us know. Upon arriving, please sign a waiver at the table in the foyer. There are meditation trail maps that can be used. There are blue arrows that show the way on the meditation trail. The suggested donation is $2 per person. Days we are open to the public, and any days that we are not, can be found on our program calendar.
  • Contact us to set up a date if your group is interested in walking the trails.

Spiritual Direction/Companioning

Marguerite Chandler, OP offers spiritual companion here at Shepherd’s Corner Ecology Center. You can find more information regarding this on the Spiritual Direction page.

Shepherd's Corner

Our Vision:

Shepherd’s Ecology Center is positioning itself to be an Earth-centered leader in the Central Ohio community: teaching environmental education, offering reflective experiences on care of creation, and renewing the land while providing healthy, naturally grown produce.

Our Mission:

Shepherd’s Corner Ecology Center invites others to join with us in experiencing the joys and responsibilities of caring for land, life, and spirit. Inspiring others to become shepherds of creation in their own corners of the world.